Andrew Jackson facelift

We were transacting some business yesterday and happened to get an old $20 bill from an ATM. We were comparing the old and new and couldn’t help noticing how Andrew Jackson was airbrushed to look substantially younger and more handsome in the new bill:


In the new bill, on top, his eyes have been made larger and the deep bags underneath his eyes have been removed. His jaw has also been widened and shortened, changing his face from its familiar long rectangle to more of a heart shape. Jackson looks positively appealing in the new bill. One has to wonder why this was done…

If only we had old $1, $5 and $10 bills to analyze. Maybe Washington, Lincoln, and  Hamilton have had similar makeovers. If anyone out there can send images, please do!

One thought on “Andrew Jackson facelift

  1. The Hermitage this year rebranded Old Hickory on the Bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans. They spent over a million dollars upgrading the display panels and used the theme, “Born for A Storm” and it is quite impressive. I protested their explanation that Jackson was “given’ the Tennessee Senate seat in 1823 by the Legislature; it was a major league contest that has never been explained and changed forever the method men sought office in the US. They remain content to continue some of the public relations errors of his past, while I sit here with a 70,000 word manuscript detailing the lies and pr spins of the past and nobody cares.


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