Major League Military: how American sports cash in on the militarization of patriotism

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We heard this piece on the radio sports show Only a Game, and we were gratified to hear someone express the problem of the militarization of American sports so well.

More importantly, this is just one part of the militarization of patriotism in the U.S., wherein being a member of the armed forces is the only way to be patriotic. Being a family member of someone in uniform, or supporting our armed forces unquestioningly in whatever they do, also qualifies, though less so. There is more to patriotism than military service, and yes, there are other ways to serve our country than entering the armed forces.

For now, let’s focus on the successful yoking together of major league U.S. sports and military recruitment, as well as an unthinking lionizing of military service that, ironically, cheapens it.

Click the link to go to “Veterans Speak Out against the Militarization of Sports”

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3 Responses to “Major League Military: how American sports cash in on the militarization of patriotism”

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I may be asking the obvious but how does the opinions of two marines represnet ‘veterans’ as a whole?


Hello Philip; we don’t believe they were making that claim. The title is “veterans speak out,” not “all veterans speak out”.


Perhaps two veterans speak out would have been more accurate.


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