John Winthrop, villain?

You can imagine our surprise to find this question in the list of prompts typed into search engines that led eventually to this blog.

It took us a moment to realize it must be about Anne Hutchinson; for those of you who are looking for evidence of Winthrop’s villainity, check out our Truth v. Myth series on Mrs. Hutchinson. Rest assured, you will find that Winthrop was no villain, Hutchinson no angel, and the Puritans more complex people than you might have imagined.

2 thoughts on “John Winthrop, villain?

  1. Dear Lori Stokes,

    I couldn’t easily find contact information for you, so I thought I’d post this here. You may be interested in an interview with James Calvin Davis that I’ve just published to my blog. It concerns Roger Williams–the centrality of theology to his thinking, church-state separation, his contemporary relevance, etc. Here’s a link:

    Best wishes,


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